AGEMA Group welcomes local industry development particularly for small to medium enterprises wishing to do business in the defence and security sectors. As such, we are proud members of the Australian Industry and Defence Network.

AGEMA Group personnel retain AIPM membership at the Certified Practicing Project Manager and Director levels, to improve the knowledge, skills and competence of project managers and related project personnel, all of whom play a key part in achieving your business objectives – not just project objectives.

AGEMA Group values its personnel and membership to the Institute of Engineers Australia (MIAust), Australia’s preeminent engineering body.

AGEMA Group welcomes opportunities to serve the New Zealand Defence industry, and values membership to the New Zealand Defence Industry Association

As part of the Defence industry supply chain, AGEMA Group have membership to the Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) with access to the Defence security advice and support services to provide an improved security operating environment.